Philia Chua

Architectural Assistant

A multi-sector architectural assistant with a strong interest in bio-integrated design


BArch (Hons), Masters in Architecture, MArch in Bio-Integrated Design

Philia joined DMA in September 2020, shortly after graduating with a distinction in a Masters in Architecture at the University of Greenwich. Working part-time for the first 2 years, she simultaneously completed a Masters in Bio-Integrated Design at University College London, graduating with a distinction and received the Highest Achievement Award for MArch.

Throughout her time here at DMA, she has worked on a wide range of projects across all categories. Assisting in Stages 0 to 5, she has supported the team through concept and development, tender drawings, 3D modelling, construction drawings and technical details. Philia has also assisted in research and producing material for various competitions and the marketing team. She has recently increased her involvement in the environmental team, which aligns with her personal interest of promoting sustainability in the industry. It is also her ambition to continue her research into bio-integrated design and help realize the next generation of sustainable buildings.

Key Projects