Enhancing Lives by Design – Key Issues and Opportunities facing the Residential Sector


David Morley Architects works across a number of sectors including Residential, Education, Healthcare and Sport. One element that is relevant to all of our projects is the intention to ‘Enhance Lives’ by the design of our buildings and of the spaces between them. This topic is particularly relevant to Residential buildings, seeing as an average person spends more than 50% of their time at home.

In her talk, Helen looked at some of the key issues and opportunities that face residential developments and explored ways that the buildings that we design can help to enhance lives while tackling these issues.

Some of the key issues and opportunities are:
– Efficient use of brownfield – how do we make the most of brownfield sites to provide new homes as well as enhancing communities?
– Strategic land – how do we make sure we design developments which complement the existing community, which respects and complements the surrounding landscape and which are positive places where people want to live?
– Existing housing – how can we upgrade existing housing to improve the living environment and also reduce energy usage?

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