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UK CEOs of businesses and finance institutions, including David Morley Architects, are calling on Prime Minister Liz Truss to build economic resilience through delivery of net zero emissions and restoring nature.

With inflation predicted to top 20 per cent if gas prices continue to rise, and the Bank of England warning the UK is heading towards recession, a letter to the new Prime Minister from 116 businesses and finance institutions with more than 425,000 employees and a market capitalisation in excess of £1.8trillion underlines the urgent need for short and long term government delivery plans for net zero and nature restoration.

The signatories, that also include CEOs from 12 business groups, including the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC), were coordinated by the UK Business Group Alliance for Net Zero (BGA) led by the UK Corporate Leaders Groups (CLG UK), convened by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).

Eliot Whittington, Director of CLG UK said: “The UK is facing severe economic headwinds. The best and only sensible way of facing up to them has to include investing in British renewable energy and helping homes and businesses be more energy efficient. Maintaining and strengthening our focus on net zero and nature protection can help us move beyond the rising costs of fossil fuels and deliver a better economy with more energy and food security, more jobs and greater social equality. What’s more, the Conservative Party has rightly enshrined net zero into law and in so doing reaffirmed UK leadership on climate action, further demonstrated at last year’s COP26 summit. UK business and finance leaders urgently want to see more leadership from government on this agenda, with clear, well-resourced and defined plans to get us on track for a more stable climate and stronger economy.”

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