Andy Mytom


With over 20 years in the practice, Andy is a keen strategist developing active landscapes and exemplary sports facilities



Andy has over 25 years architectural experience creating sports and educational environments that help people achieve their personal bests.

He specialises in working with clients and users to define what success looks like from an organisational and person centred perspective, and translating these into a clear brief and development strategy.

As the Partner leading David Morley Architects’ work in the Sports and Leisure sector, he has worked on notable large schemes that have contributed to the practice’s reputation as a leader in this field. He joined David Morley Architects in 1996 specifically to work on sports projects. To date this has included 15 projects for the Marylebone Cricket Club at Lord’s, offering David Morley Architects the opportunity to carry out pioneering work in cricket facility design.

Andy believes design has an important role in enhancing lives, and the spaces between our buildings can do more than they currently are for the physical and mental wellbeing of our communities. The creation of Active Environments, recently for Claudia Parson’s Student Village, Loughborough, explores the relationship between feeling good and academic achievement through the concept of ‘Endorphin Enhanced Degrees’.

Whilst sport is his primary focus, Andy has worked extensively in other sectors including three projects for the Royal Parks, the Isis Education Centre which was nominated for a national Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors award and The Hub sports pavilion. The Hub is a sports café that acts as the focal point in Regent’s Park providing a community space with café and complementary sporting facilities. Located at the centre of the sports fields in the Northern Parkland, clusters of changing rooms are submerged in a mound consisting of building rubble from the previous pavilion – an innovative, sustainable and cost-saving initiative.

Often in sensitive settings, all projects embed sustainability in ways that enhance the outcomes for organisations and users.

Andy thrives on challenges and teamwork in his professional life. He attributes this to the legacy of a sporting youth as a competitive swimmer. Triathlons and cycling have replaced swimming, and he continues in his participation and enjoyment of sport as an individual and team member.

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